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Health Profile Institute has over 30 years of experience in Health Promotion in Europe, mainly in Sweden. Our HPA Health Profile Assessment®, a scientifically based method, is a tool for motivating individuals to improve their lifestyle and become healthier.

Why HPA? HPA is a one on one assessment that overpasses all inconvenients of on-line health screenings, bringing back the human factor into the process of helping people improve their lifestyle. In this respect, HPA fits into the most modern trend in health promotion.

Who can use our method? HPA can be of great help for Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Health Coaches, Nurses, etc.

HPA as a part of a Wellness Programs is also a valuable asset in companies’ effort to improve and maintain employees’ health and become more profitable.

The Swedish Health Profile Institute has educated over 15,000 Health Profile Assessors, and so far more than 1.5 million Health Profile Assessments have been performed in Sweden alone. The method has been translated in several languages, and today many international companies are using the HPA Health Profile Assessment in their Corporate Wellness Programs.

Health Profile Institute, Inc. is now introducing the HPA Health Profile Assessment in the United States.

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