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Our Mission
To promote the HPA Health Profile Assessment® method as a valuable component in the field of health and wellness on the global market, by both providing HPA’s to individuals and groups, and through educating practitioners in the health and fitness industries.


Health Profile Institute, Inc. (HPI) is a privately owned company in the field of Health Promotion, Employee Health Programs, and Health Assessments.

Dr. Sture Malmgren and
Dr. Gunnar Andersson

The company’s founders are Dr. Sture Malmgren and Dr. Gunnar Andersson, two of Europe’s most well known authorities in Health Promotion, and inventors of the HPA Health Profile Assessment.

The Swedish branch of the company group, Hälsoprofilinstitutet, which owns the Health Profile Assessment method, was founded in 1978. The method was developed at SAAB Company (manufacturer of cars, military and civil aircrafts) in Sweden. SAAB was one of the first companies to realize the importance of having healthy employees, and thus began to develop a Health Promotion Program. At that time, Dr. Malmgren was Director for the department in charge of this program, and a few years later Dr. Andersson was recruited to the same department. Within a couple of years, the HPA Health Profile Assessment was developed and became a part of the Employee Health Program. The results from this program were very positive and the program became a standard of excellence for many companies and organizations.

In 1987, Dr. Malmgren and Dr. Andersson presented an evaluation of the HPA Health Profile Assessment in two separate doctoral theses in medicine at the Department of Preventive & Social Medicine, University of Linköping, Sweden.

The Swedish Health Profile Institute has educated over 15,000 Health Profile Assessors, and so far more than 1.5 million Health Profile Assessments have been performed in Sweden alone. The method has been translated to several languages, and today many international companies are using the HPA Health Profile Assessment in their Employee Health Programs.


For companies and organizations, we can use our mobile unit for
providing HPA Health Profile Assessments at the customer’s facilities.
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Health Profile Institute in the United States
In 2007 the Health Profile Institute Group decided to introduce the HPA Health Profile Assessment method to the US. We believe that our HPA Health Profile Assessment method, as well as our knowledge and experience in Education, Health Promotion and Employee Health Programs can be valuable also in the US. Nowadays almost every nation is experiencing an increase of illness as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. We know that even a small change of lifestyle can very quickly improve one’s health. Of course, we would all like to live a healthy life, but sometimes it can be difficult to take the first step, and sometimes it is even harder to know where to begin. Most of all, it is a question of motivation. In Europe, we have helped millions of people change their lifestyle and become healthier. It is our goal and mission to do the same in the US!

Health Profile Institute, Inc. is based in Nevada with its headquarters in Henderson.

When working for better health, everybody wins.


Mr. Anders G. Mjardsjo, CEO & Chairman,
Health Profile Institute.
Photo © Sjodin Photography, Las Vegas.


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