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HPA Health Profile Assessment® Method

The HPA Health Profile Assessment is a leading method for motivating individuals towards a healthier life.

Dr. Sture Malmgren and Dr. Gunnar Andersson

The HPA Health Profile Assessment method was developed by Dr. Sture Malmgren and Dr. Gunnar Andersson in the early 1970’s. The research has been documented in their doctoral theses in medicine in 1987, at the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Linköping, Sweden.

HPA has an interdisciplinary basis and draws upon theories of behavioural medicine as well as international scientific research. HPA was developed through the fusion of proven physiological testing techniques with methods of motivational communication. HPA is a method that is designed to create awareness, insight and to encourage an individual’s personal responsibility for their health and health related habits.

The Swedish Health Profile Institute has educated over 15,000 Health Profile Assessors, and so far more than 1.5 million Health Profile Assessments have been performed in Sweden alone. The method has been translated in several languages, and today many international companies are using the HPA Health Profile Assessment in their Employee Health Programs.

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