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The HPI Complete Wellness Program

The HPI Corporate Wellness Program involves our partnership with businesses worldwide to create a cost-effective and comprehensive employee wellness program. Our program can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company and your employees, to maximize health benefits and cost savings.

Our comprehensive wellness program offers:
1. Promotional Activities
2. The Health Assessment Campaign
3. The Wellness Campaign (3/6 month package)
4. On-going Wellness Programs

Why Choose HPI?

  • We will plan and coordinate every detail in the campaign, from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your job.
  • You will receive personal and onsite consultations and services.
  • You will receive a program customized for your company’s needs, with the help of our extensive network of partners.
  • Our signature HPA Health Profile Assessment® is a leading method in health promotion.
  • Our team is highly professional and we continuously invest in training.
  • Our advanced software tools allow us to be extremely time-efficient.
  • Our method has been applied for over 35 years by major international corporations.
  • You will receive detailed and professional reports and statistics.
  • You will save time and effort with our on-site services or mobile unit.
  • Through our follow-up program, you will have the possibility to measure the effectiveness of your health-oriented campaign.


1. Promotional activities

Health Profile Institute will help promote the wellness campaign to all employees, by:

  • On-site presentation
  • Promotional materials
  • An informational e-mail newsletter.
  • Assigning a dedicated HPI professional to answer all employees’ questions (by phone).


2. The Health Assessment Campaign

Our signature HPA Health Profile Assessment® offers the great advantage of a one on one discussion and personal assessment with each of your employees.

First Assessment
At company’s choice:

  • All employees will participate in a 1- hour Health Profile Assessment, or
  • All employees will complete the HPI Survey, to identify the risk groups and the general wellbeing of all employees. Complete HPA’s will be performed only for the risk groups.


  • To help employees become aware of their current health status.
  • To motivate each individual towards healthier choices.

Reports and Statistics after the First Assessment
All data from the individual assessments are compiled and presented to the employer.

  • To show both the strong and weak aspects of the employees as a group.
  • To indentify the most common risk factors in the group.
  • To set up the foundation for a customized Wellness Campaign.

Follow-up HPA
This will be done at the end of the Wellness Campaign (usually 6 months after first HPA’s). All employees will participate again in a 1-hour Health Profile Assessment / Survey. For on-going Wellness Programs, we recommend an HPA every year.

The compiled data from the first and follow-up HPA’s will be compared and analyzed, on a company level. A new, adjusted plan for continued encouragement in promoting good health will also be created.


3. The Wellness Campaign

The Wellness Campaign will be designed according to the employee group results after first Health Assessment. We offer comprehensive flexible programs tailored for each company and their unique needs.


4. On-going Wellness Programs

An on-going wellness program can include:

  • Visits from an HPI wellness coordinator
  • Health Profile Assessments (recommended once a year).
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Health newsletters
  • Any of the add-ons to our basic program


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