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Health Profile Institute, US is the American branch of a Swedish company that has over 30 years of experience in Health Promotion.

Health Profile Institute specializes in health and fitness assessment, education and research. Among our products and services we can list:

The Health Profile Assessment (HPA): a one on one assessment that overpasses all inconveniences of on-line health screenings, bringing back the human factor into the process of helping people improve their lifestyle. In this respect, HPA fits into the most modern trend in health promotion. HPA can also be successfully used as a part of a Wellness Program.

The Integrative Body Composition (IBC) Assessment: an innovative, practical and accurate method for estimating body composition by taking into consideration body frame. The method overpasses the regular inconveniences of assessing body fat percentage.

Training and Education in health screening, sub-max test coordination, health assessment and body composition assessment.

Health Profile Institute’s services can be of great help for Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Health Coaches, Nurses, Weight Loss Specialists, etc .

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HPI International

The Swedish Health Profile Institute created the Health Profile Assessment Method and has educated over 15,000 Health Profile Assessors over the past 30 years. More than 1.5 million Health Profile Assessments have been performed so far in Sweden alone. The method has been translated in several languages, and today many international companies are using the HPA Health Profile Assessment in their Corporate Wellness Programs.

A state of the art software, Plustoo, has been developed to support the wide arrange of activities required by health assessment. Visit for more information.

South Africa
HPI South Africa specializes in health screening and assessment, corporate wellness and education in the health promotion field. Visit for more information.

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